NEWSLETTER March 2019.
            The Parish Council wishes to remind everyone that their meetings are open to all residents and that there is opportunity to have your say at these meetings.


Special Sergeant Bullock presented a report on policing in the Parish. There has been no progress on the provision of a dog bin on the canal side at Riley Green.



Flooding has occurred again in Chapel Lane and Quaker Brook Lane as a result of lack of regular maintenance. County Councillor Snowden has been asked to confirm that the two locations have been included in the maintenance programme..


Finnington Lane will be closed between 0800hrs and 1700hrs on Thursday 14th March for resurfacing work. An alternative route for vehicles would be from Riley Green Switch Road via Bolton Road.

(C). ( INCIDENT - MINTHOLME: Following a review of the Mintholme Crossing Gritting Incident.when Lancashire County Council received a call from Lancashire Police on the 31 January requesting the gritting of this section of road as cars were sliding down the hill and getting stuck. The secondary routes were in the process of been gritted when the call was received. Officers contacted the gritter for this route and they went to Gregson Lane, Brindle to complete the gritting request. Following on from this, County Council Officers have reviewed this section of Gregson Lane in line with gritting policy and taken into account the recent reports. They concluded: that whilst this section of Gregson Lane is not be appropriate for treatment as part of the precautionary network as this is a relatively narrow country lane with an appropriate alternative parallel route on the A675 which is part of the precautionary network) inclusion on the secondary routes would seem appropriate and will be actioned.          This section of Gregson Lane is also subject to a 7.5 tonne weight restriction (except for access) which should prevent it's use by the majority of HGV drivers. Local businesses requiring HGVs for access should be warning any drivers with legitimate access requirements that the road may present hazards. Network Rail are responsible for the areas immediately approaching the level crossing and Brindle Parish Council will ask them to review their plans in light of the incident.



Planning permission had been granted for a developments at Blackburn Old Road.

A Neighbouring Planning Authority application at Moulden Brow. regarding the discharge of conditions for residential development was also approved.


Applications have been received for developments at Blackburn Old Road.and Quaker Brook Lane..


The Parish Council was informed of the present position regarding the ponding issue. Heritage England has arranged for the War Memorial to be a Grade 11 Listed structure under planning legislation..


The CPRE has launched two campaigns regarding Recycling of Single Use Plastics and the suggested introduction of a Deposit Return System for Bottles,Cans and Cartons.


Monday 15th April 2019 the Annual Parish/ Community meeting to be followed by the Parish Council meeting at 7.30. p.m. at Holy Trinity Parish Church Hall.